Policies, Terms & Conditions

Alternative activities:  If required, Tableland Adventure Guides (TAG) reserves the right to undertake an alternative adventure and / or make changes during an adventure after consultation with guests.  This may be as a result of inclement weather, campsite and road conditions, cultural considerations, limited numbers and/or logistical constraints and other factors outside our control.  Changes also take place in response to group needs or just to show you something special at the time.  Changes are made at the discretion of the lead guide.  If the alternative adventure cost is less than the intended adventure, a pro-rata refund will be made.

Booking onto an adventure:  To make a booking for one of our adventures you can: 

  • Fill out an online reservation form linked at the bottom of each adventure itinerary;
  • Contact us via email; or 
  • Call us on 0437 817 675.

Note that if you submit an online reservation form or email us, your booking is not confirmed immediately.  If there is a place available you will be notified by email within 48 hours requesting a deposit to secure your booking, after which time you can make other travel arrangements, like booking flights and accommodation, etc.

If you have made a booking over the phone, we will email a request for a deposit with details to secure your booking.

Please contact us if you don’t receive this email or if you require any assistance with the booking process.

Booking deposit and final payment:  For all bookings made more than 21 days prior to the scheduled adventure date, a 20% non-refundable deposit is required at the time of booking to secure a place on the adventure.  This deposit is used towards our pre-tour operational and administration costs for each adventure. 

Full payment for all TAG adventures is required 21 days in advance of the trip, special conditions aside.  This does not preclude late arrivals when there is availability.  If payment is not received by this time and a guest has not contacted TAG, they may forfeit their deposit and place on the adventure.

For reservations made 21 days or less from the departure date, full payment must be made at the time of booking to secure a place. 

All prices are per person and inclusive of GST.

TAG accepts the following payment methods:

  • cash
  • direct deposit to our bank account
  • major credit cards: Visa/Mastercard 2.2% surcharge, AMEX 3.98% surcharge (with a 55c transaction fee on all credit cards).

 All payments are to be made out to Telluric Pty Ltd and are in Australian dollars.

Cancellation by TAG:  TAG reserves the right to cancel any planned activity if required.  This may be as a result of inclement weather and/or seasonal conditions, extreme fire danger or bushfires, non-availability of camping grounds and/or inadequate numbers.  TAG reserves the right to cancel or terminate an adventure if the guide considers that conditions – group, environment or equipment – constitute a risk that may compromise the safety of guests.  Refunds will be considered on merit, however where TAG cancels a trip due to insufficient numbers or inclement weather, guests will be given a choice of:

  • Transferring payments towards another trip date; or
  • The payment of an additional fee to have the trip run as scheduled; or
  • Receiving a full refund.

In the event of such a cancellation, TAG cannot be held responsible for any losses incurred by guests i.e. non-refundable airlines tickets and accommodation etc. 

Cancellation by Guest:  Cancellations must be received in writing. 

  • Bookings cancelled more than 21 days in advance of activity will receive a full refund, less the 20% deposit.
  • Bookings cancelled 21 days or less in advance of activity will be charged 50% of the trip cost.
  • Bookings cancelled 5 days prior to departure or failure to arrive (unless extenuating circumstances) will be charged the full value of the booking.

TAG recommends purchasing travel insurance and that your personal insurance policy provides cover against unforeseen events that result in cancellations including accident, sickness, medical expenses, emergency repatriation and personal liability, cancellation, curtailment, loss of personal effects and expenses associated with delays.

Children:  Given the nature of our activities, the inclusion of children under 17 will require discussion between parents/guardian and the guide responsible for the activity. If the activity is suitable, children must be accompanied by at least one parent or guardian throughout the entire activity.

Disclaimer:  All guests are obliged to sign TAGʼs disclaimer document before each activity.  Essentially by signing the disclaimer you acknowledge and accept that you are voluntarily participating in adventurous activities that may have high and inherent risks and dangers, including risk of injury or death, at your own risk. Some of our adventures are undertaken in remote areas where expert medical aid and limited communications may mean delays in assistance in the event of injury, accident or death. Adverse weather conditions may require changes to the trip structure and itinerary and may affect your personal comfort. By signing the disclaimer you also agree that due to the nature of the activities, it would be unreasonable for TAG to be in any way responsible for any injury to or death of yourself and you waive all of your legal rights of action against TAG.

In order to preserve your own and other’s safety, if you act in a way that neglects group safety or wilfully damages the environment or cultural sites, you may be asked to leave the adventure or refused entry to the adventure at your own expense.

Dogs:  As most of TAGʼs activities are undertaken in National Parks and State Forests we adhere strictly to a ‘no petsʼ policy.

Health & Fitness:  All TAG adventures require a moderate level of fitness and a degree of mental fortitude. Being physically and mentally prepared will ensure you gain maximum involvement and enjoyment on your adventure. We recommend guests who are unsure of their physical or mental ability to do one of our adventures consult a health professional before booking on to an adventure with TAG. For your safety, comfort and enjoyment, it is essential you inform us of any medical conditions that may affect you during your time with us. 

Please advise us on the Participant’s Acknowledgement of Risk Form of any medications you are taking, medical conditions (e.g. allergies) and any previous injuries you may have or had that may interfere with your safety in the activity. TAG will collect personal information regarding your health and / or any medical condition you may have - this information will only be used to ensure your safety and wellbeing but will not be used for any other purpose.

Liability Insurance:  TAG holds a $20,000,000 Liability Insurance policy with AB Phillips.

Minimum numbers:  Trips will go ahead with a minimum of 2 people and take a maximum of 10 people. Where there are less than 2 guests and the adventure is cancelled refer to cancellation by TAG policy. 

Prices subject to change:  TAG reserves the right, within reason, to amend the price of activities as a result of additional or unforeseen charges incurred.  We will, however, endeavour to advise guests of any additional fees that were not foreseen at the time of booking, prior to the activity being undertaken.  Any increase in adventure prices must be paid prior to the departure date.

Special food:  Special food requirements can be catered for given reasonable warning. 

Travelling with TAG. Guest wellbeing and safety is paramount to the operation of our adventures and we conduct and where necessary alter adventures with this in mind. We hike, bike or kayak together or within sight of each other and adjust the pace for the safety and comfort of all guests; please consider this as part of your booking. 

Tableland Adventure Guides Minimum Impact Policy

TAGʼs Minimum Impact Policy is predicated on the Australian and Queensland Government’s obligations ‘to protect, conserve, present and transmit the World Heritage Area to future generationsʼ.

To this end we have adopted national ecotourism sustainability principles as well minimum impact principles in all of our operations and we intend to ensure that our operations do not contradict the above. In the broader perspective TAG has already adopted a number of sustainability principles in our ‘clean and greenʼ approach including: –

  1. The company has considered the activity options carefully and has chosen to adopt a minimal carbon footprint ethic. Our activities are therefore based mostly on ‘human-powered travel’ namely hike, bike and kayak.
  2. Fuel – efficient diesel vehicles, are to be used exclusively in our operations where possible. These vehicles will be serviced regularly.
  3. We offset carbon emissions in local TREAT revegetation plantings where possible and have been involved over the last 20 years in private revegetation projects throughout the Tablelands.
  4. All adventure activities and camping in particular will comply with requirements and guidelines of all relevant Natural Resources departments.

Our practical ‘on ground’ policies include but are not limited to: –

Cultural - TAG advocates nil interference with sites demarcated as traditional owner or sacred sites (such as caves, Aboriginal Rock Art and artifacts) and will respect the wishes of the custodians and the traditional cultural values. Where access is permitted we will endeavour to be led by a local guide.

Travel/roads - Our hiking and biking operations will be undertaken on prescribed/established trails only and we drive only on roads and tracks where such travel is permitted and practical. Unless otherwise indicated we will not disturb livestock and will leave gates ‘as foundʼ in order to respect landowners.

Camping - Wherever possible TAG camps will only be established in designated campsites, or as permits allow, and we will choose previously used sites where possible. We will only make timber fires where fire rings are provided and where bought timber is readily available or brought in by our support crew.

TAG does not advocate the use of live or standing trees for firewood.

TAG will apply minimum impact principles in respect of soap and detergent use and will encourage guests to wash well away from pools, streams, creeks and rivers as per QPWS guidelines.

TAG will respect the amenity of other users of park facilities and camping areas with policies including minimal noise, discreet camping etc.

Waste – Waste will be minimised and managed in accordance with park requirements. Recyclable waste will be recycled and our support team will clean up after less thoughtful visitors where practical. TAG advocates the use of public toilets and will use available toilet facilities where possible. We intend to follow the waste disposal guidelines in each camp.


TAG adheres, where possible, to the Queensland Adventure Activity Standards (AAS) for mountain biking, kayaking and bushwalking. The AAS are designed to help organisations and leaders plan and safely conduct outdoor adventure activities with groups and dependent participants.

TAG undertakes Risk Assessments for each of its adventures and endeavours to ensure the safety of guests from reasonable, foreseeable harm or loss. This includes maintaining equipment, identifying environmental hazards and conducting comprehensive pre-activity briefings.