South Easterlies Blowing - it's Sea Kayak Season!

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We recently completed our first kayak trip of the season down on the Cassowary Coast with a lovely family of 5 and one other. There was a great blog done by Peter Tuck in 2012 that we thought would be a timely addition to our blogs – the pictures added to this blog are from our most recent adventure with much the same itinerary. If you would like to experience this pristine island group in a kayak contact us we will happily take you there! Go here for details.

Barnard Islands - Paradise Paddle

A group of 5 kayakers enjoyed on an early season recce to the Barnard Islands over the weekend of 20 – 21 April.

We set off from Cowley Beach and were lucky to have had light SE winds as we paddled the 7km to Stephens Island in the South Barnard group for a quick lunch.


We are always impressed with the huge turtles on the south eastern side of Sisters Island and the rays and fish in the shallow coral flats between Stephens and Sisters Islands. After a quick break we headed north east to Kent Island and this was a pleasant 7.5km paddle in light following winds. We appreciated having this quiet coral fringed camp-site to ourselves as we set up camp and had a brew before heading out to explore the adjoining islands as the sun coloured the western sky.

Sunday morning had the group packed and away by 8.30 am and we traced a gentle path, island hopping between the 4 other islands that make up the superb chain of the North Barnards.

After about 7 km of paddling we landed at the crescent shaped Browns Beach for lunch under a shady Beach Calophyllum before threading our way south along the deserted coastline over 8km back to Cowley Beach.

Words by Peter Tuck (April 2012)